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  • Fence Post

    Fence post uses high quality iron rod, low carbon steel and high quality steel as raw material.  Fence post is used to support fence and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

    1.round post, square post, rectangular post, U post, Y post, T post, studded post, L post, euro post(swallow-tailed post) and anti-theft post (peach shape post) etc.
    2.electro galvanized fence post, hot dipped galvanized fence post, PVC coated fence post and polyester powder(PVC) coated after galvanized fence post etc.

    Advantages  of posts include:
    Lighter in weight; Fireproof; Extremely durable; Easy to drive.

    Fence Post Features:
    Fence posts enjoy good theft-proof function with its unique use only as fencing posts.
    Made of plain carbon steel, fence post has the feature of weather proofed and coated to prevent premature rusting. 

    Post specification

    post items

    Post dia

    Post thickness

    Post length

    Square post

    40x60mm or 60x60mm



    Peach shape post

    50x70mm or 70x100mm

    Round post

    38mm, 40mm, 50mm,70mm

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