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  • Security fence

    Security fencing usually combines wire mesh fencing fabrics or panels and the fencing toppings like barbed wire, concertina wire or spikes topping together.

    Mesh Fencing Fabrics:
    Chain link, welded mesh, 358 mesh, woven wire mesh, expanded metal and more.

    Features: Security mesh fence has high strong powers to resist the concussion. Serried horizontal wires have good ability to anti-climb. While the line of sight is well to see the inner things .This kind of wire fence is the best choose of the High Security Area.

    Temporary Security fencing offers a cost effective temporary solution to protect your premises. We have access to a large supply which enables us to provide great rates and service.
    Security Fencing Dimensions: Length 3.5metres; Height 2metres.

    Toppings for security fencing are usually wall spikes, barbed wire, razor wire or concertina wire coils.

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